Early christmas!

Early christmas!

We have been linked!


Tune in!

Tune in with our sponsors!


And enjoy the music. 24/7.

The radio is always active in the chat as well!

Members in chat!

We now have a member add on the site! Want to become a member? Then just go here: http://www.globalcamchat.org/apps/members/ 

Join us 2 sided ways!

We can now be joined through both


And http://kageshi.com/rooms/globalcamchat


Enjoy the chat!

Globalcamchat has changed!

The chatters complained about the cams. We had too few.

Now we have thought about it long enough and changed the layout.


We support up to 12 cams at the same time now. FOR FREE!


Join us and let us know what you think!



Cams are up!

Indeed they are. 

Music, laughter, emotions that never seems to last!

Join us!






Yes we are planning new changes (site view only) (Not in chat)

Any requests or any thoughts you would like to give us then please send a mail to 


or post a comment down below!



Darkness and music!

Yes the night is a darm moment we all share at some point.

But after darkness comes sunshine.

And I’ll see you all tomorrow!

/ Global Camchat Staff!

PS: Don’t foreget to tune in to radio meltdown!

Best music there ever been!

Just keep calm, world!

Just keep calm, world!

Dave Barry once said…

Transforming society and shaping the future through chat.

Let’s get real shall we? 😉